Hope for 2024

Published 9:28 am Saturday, December 30, 2023

Optimism, entrepreneurship and resilience. The words defined Lincoln County in 2023 and will likely define the area into 2024 when the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year this coming Monday. 

Brookhaven sure kept The Daily Leader busy with continued business development, ribbon cuttings, expansions and revitalization. Lingering effects of COVID may still be around but with each passing year the residents of Brookhaven and the surrounding communities of Lincoln County are showing signs of rebound. 

There will always be doubters, haters and naysayers on social media, but pay no attention to them. Take a drive down Brookway Boulevard, US51, US84, Industrial Park Road or around downtown Brookhaven to see how far things have come in 2023. 

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It should give great optimism for the future of this community in 2024. I can think of one new business hosting a ribbon cutting in early January. Hopefully the growth will continue in city limits. 

Residents should be impressed with the entrepreneurship in our area. New business owners saw gaps in our market, stepped up and took a risk to better serve the community. Fatheads in West Lincoln is a great example of entrepreneurial spirit. The Jackso’s saw a need for food options in the country community and set up shop. 

Also, 2023 saw the expansion of AITX’s repair shop completed; Starbucks building a new location; and the opening of TJ Maxx and Tractor Supply. While these companies are not small town mom and pop stores they still employ local people. 

Our local volunteer firefighters showed resilience this year as well. From September to November they worked hard to keep homes and property safe from wildfires. It is impressive to see people from the community go above and beyond to serve in that way. Many left work to help fight fires in the middle of the day. 

Sure 2023 was not easy. Trash pickup issues and a drought were challenging. People might say a challenge for Brookhaven was that it didn’t have a steakhouse and  “has way too many chicken and coffee places.” 

The community should count its blessings. Brookhaven and Lincoln County are in a far better place now than they were when COVID started and when 2022 started. The fact we have options for chicken, coffee, gas and a new steakhouse on Zetus road are signs of a healthy business environment. 

Prayerfully, our elected officials and leaders will continue to guide the community towards new heights in 2024. Hopefully, our local student athletes will reap the benefits of hard work. 

Personally, I challenge residents to think about how they can help make 2024 a great year for our area. I plan to continue my habitat management work for turkeys and deer into this next year. 

We would love to hear what your New Year’s Resolutions are and what words you believe best summarize 2023 for Lincoln County and Brookhaven. Email hunter.cloud@dailyleader.com.