Thank you to our local businesses

Published 7:57 am Saturday, January 13, 2024

I’m going to miss the milkshakes at The Rabbit Hole Brew and Infusion when they close. Our hot and blistering summer got to me on a few occasions and I cooled off with a large caramel milkshake with straws big enough to not get clogged up. 

It was the best milkshake in town and should remind other restaurants the best way to get my money is to offer milkshakes. I can not resist ice cream. 

I had one coffee at The Rabbit Hole, I would have had more but I get by with my basic home coffee. The shop had a different decor and vibe than most of Brookhaven. I appreciated the change it brought with its vibrant mural painted on the side.

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I’m not sure what exactly caused the business to close. Utilities, ingredients and wages have all been impacted in this economy and my guess is the bottom line could not keep the business viable anymore. Of course running a business must take a toll on a family and personal life, which the Strange family mentioned in their post about plans to close the shop.

The Rabbit Hole had a great run over the past year and a half. One reader commented on our story that they enjoyed the coffee but they thought the location is what hurt the business the most. 

There might be some truth to that reader’s thoughts, I challenge you to turn left out of the parking lot onto Brookway Boulevard. After about 5 minutes of cursing at the stoplights, drivers and lack of turn signals, you will turn right then turn around in the Walmart parking lot to turn left onto the Boulevard at the stoplight there. 

It is not easy to see a local business go down, especially when a new corporate coffee shop is being built across the street, but businesses come and go though. It is one of the harsh realities I’ve accepted with living in different towns, some businesses come and go, some stay for a while and others never quite get off the ground. 

I appreciate anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith and start a business. Thank you to the business community for doing what you do in Lincoln County. In a healthy economy there is a lot of diversity and Brookhaven has that right now. 

Please do not read this column and try to form a mob against our corporate companies in Brookhaven. Walmart, Home Depot, TJ Maxx, Starbucks, Tractor Supply each have their role to play in the local economy. They typically provide stability and employ more people which in turn puts more cash flow into the market. 

What Lincoln County residents can do is try to spend money with local businesses and support them with reviews and recommendations. 

Personally, I’m grateful for the small businesses like the Old Coke Plant, Wand Seed Store and Paul Barnett Nissan who have taken good care of me.