Supervisors approve annual bids

Published 7:28 am Thursday, January 18, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Annual bids for commodities and services were accepted by Lincoln County Board of Supervisors during a regularly scheduled board meeting Wednesday. Bank interest, treated lumber, equipment, pipes and gravel service bids were accepted. 

Lincoln County Supervisors accepted a bid from Bank of Brookhaven to continue having the County’s bank account there and gain interest on deposits. Bank of Brookhaven offered a fair market interest rate of 3.85 percent which was higher than any other bid as they have done in previous years. 

Trustmark Bank offered a fixed interest rate of 3.65 percent and Bank Plus offered a variable interest rate of 3.5 percent. Bank of Brookhaven was the only bidder who had representatives at the meeting. Supervisors voted to accept the bid from Bank of Brookhaven. 

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Tri-State and Gordon Redd entered bids for treated lumber. Both companies said they could no longer do long term contracts. Tri-State lumber said they would be happy to provide a variety of products on an as needed basis but could not give an annual bid. Gordon Redd said they could give a job by job quote on material but could not do anything for the entire year or six months. The longest Gordon Redd could contract for was 60 to 90 days. Supervisors voted to accept the bids.

Dickerson and Bowen was the only company to put in for a bid to provide rock, sand and gravel. Pea gravel would be $15 a ton, up a dollar, concrete would be $17.50 a ton, up a dollar and a half and Clay gravel is $11 a ton, up a dollar. Supervisors voted to accept the bids. 

Equipment and operator bids came in from Jordan Equipment, Jerry W. Case, Red Oak Construction and Greenbriar. Supervisors voted to accept the bids.