Every eye will see

Published 11:00 am Sunday, January 21, 2024

Life is full of those moments that we catalog in our minds while we wish that others could have been present — could have seen what we saw. My dad was a gifted athlete and passed a lot of those athletic genes down to the next generation and the next. Recently one of our grandsons was displaying some of those athletic gifts in a Lacrosse game. He scored seven of the eight goals in one of his competitions. How I wished my daddy could have been there to see him. Those youthful athletic skills would have been recognized and admired by Daddy.

My mother was fearful of heights and dealt with that fear by simply never climbing or riding to high places. On one of my favorite vacations, I rode a gondola, suspended on a single, very strong cable, into the clouds. I wanted to tell her about my bravery and wished she could have watched me from below to see my courage.

During the few heavy snows that we experienced in our north Mississippi home, our immediate family members were the only ones to witness the beauty of the snowy landscape from our den windows. Those views are stationary in my mind, and how I wished for other friends and family to witness God’s artistry.

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Last summer I rushed for my phone to get a picture of a backyard squirrel stretching from a tree to reach the hummingbird feeder. The syrupy drink was definitely to his liking! How I wished for the grands to watch this animal’s dexterity. My phone capture or my words didn’t do those antics justice! They had to have been there to appreciate that not-often-repeated scene.

Recently I was reading in Revelation, and I didn’t get far in the first chapter when a verse made me stop in awe. “Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him.” I had read the verse numerous times, but like so many of the verses in the Bible, one special reading can become an eye-opening revelation.

EVERY eye! That’s hard to absorb and comprehend. The magnitude of such a supernatural feat will be displayed in the heavens for ALL to see. There won’t be any wish-you-were-here descriptions or “ I’ll send you a picture.” All eyes will behold His coming — the believers and the scoffers, the saved and the lost, the expectant and the foolish.

Do we look forward to such a day? Do we live with expectancy for that great day? Is His light shining through us through our witness and prayers?

That will be a fateful day for multitudes. All opportunities to claim Jesus as Lord and Savior will be ended. All those who mocked the idea of an all-seeing God will be dumbfounded for now THEY will see Him. EVERY eye will see Him. What a day!!

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