Our God never leaves us

Published 9:00 am Sunday, January 28, 2024

Boasts that pertain to one’s self are never a good thing — so I was taught at an early age, so I’ll call it bountiful blessings that I am observing and participating in the lives of eight young and infant great-grandchildren. Because they all live in close proximity, being around them comes with regularity. I observe a LOT!

All three sets of parents to these great-grands are intentional in their raising them to know and love God. Therefore, they are teaching them Bible directives that are ALWAYS for their good. The foremost directive that’s a daily assignment is “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”

The evidence is right in front of me — we are prone to disobedience. If there’s an “off limits” place or item, that’s the little ones’ draw. As they walk, crawl or waddle into a room, they are drawn to the very things that may be dangerous for them or things that are breakable. I’ve noted that there isn’t a toy in their plethora of toys that is as fascinating as an unassuming electrical outlet. Perhaps it’s because most outlets are close to their eye level — I can’t explain, but it’s a fact.

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“NO,” as a result of bad choices, is the first word they learn from their parents. It’s also the first word they use most often in responding to their parents. From ages as young as two, children reflect the sin nature that Adam passed down to mankind. It’s yes to what I want and no to all authority outside of self. Parents learn quickly that their offspring need no instructions in how to disobey.

So, it’s an accepted fact. Training children “in the way they should go” is a responsibility of parents — a significant one! When we are dedicated and diligent in assuming that responsibility, the rewards show up in our offspring. However, as a senior adult, I’ve discovered that the training mustn’t ever stop, because that dastardly sin nature never leaves. 

By now I know the downside of poor health and the importance of working all the muscles that God has given me. We lose what we don’t use! So why do I let dust find a home on any exercise equipment we have in our home?

We are what we eat — I’ve heard that all my life. I believe it to be true, but I seem to forget that when I pass the rows of chips in the grocery aisle. The human body needs a lot of water every day. I believe that too, but I neglect that healthy discipline by drinking a variety of liquids other than water.

Healthy lifestyles for our bodies can never be overstated, but there’s also the health of our spiritual bodies that’s of much greater importance. Beginning every day with time set aside for prayer and Bible reading ALWAYS makes for blessed days, but the enemy never runs out of ways to break us of that discipline. Keeping our focus on Jesus throughout the day gives us light for our steps, but the world constantly attempts to lure us into its thought patterns — away from His light.

The hymn writer understood the dilemma of all Christians — from infant to adult — “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love.” Our condition is dire save for one immeasurable truth and assurance — our God never leaves us.

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