The Dart: Woman has grown up working for local business

Published 11:23 am Saturday, February 17, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Jody McCullough started working at Gregg Office Machine Company when she was in high school close to where The Dart landed Friday. She is still working there nearly 36 years later. 

McCullough said her family is from Brookhaven but she lived in Denham Springs for the first part of her life. Her dad worked in the oilfield but all of her relatives were in Brookhaven. In 1980, her family moved back home. 

Her first job was at Gregg Office Machine Company where she started work as a junior in high school. A lot has changed since 1988. For example, she said typewriters were a common product but those are obsolete. The company’s family atmosphere is steady even with new owner Rob Belote taking over. 

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“It is a family. I love the people here. Some of our longtime customers have watched me grow up in front of their eyes,” McCullough said. “My aunt and uncle used to own this store. Their daughter works here now and they retired last year. I like the atmosphere and the customers. This was my first job, I left for about eight months once but came right back.” 

In 1988, the company didn’t have fancy computers at checkout, everything was inventoried by hand and the sales tax had to be calculated at the register with a calculator. McCullough said the business has remained unchanged other than the ownership and improvements in technology. 

She has a lot of regulars who still delivers products too. Over 36 years, she estimates she has made over a million deliveries. Paper, pens, envelopes and other office supplies. Her job consists of stocking the shelves, waiting on customers, delivery and answering the phone. 

“We all do different jobs down here. It is not just one job in particular,” McCullough said. 

The business survived COVID in thanks to the loyal customers who continued to make copies and fax documents. McCollough said the COVID years were tough but they are doing good now. Office furniture is the hot ticket item right now. 

Her cousin Devon Lambert basically grew up in the store but started working there in high school in 2013 similarly to McCullough. 

She said one of her favorite memories was when her coworker Brad Barron came home from Desert Storm in 1991. Barron has worked for Gregg Office Machine Company for 37 years now. 

“When he came back to work that was pretty special. He was gone for nine months on deployment, him and his two brothers. It was good to have him back with us after being over there,” McCullough said. “He would call us while he drove the captain around on the fuel truck.” 

Over the 36 years, McCullough has built relationships with loyal customers. Sometimes they will run into each other at Walmart and talk on the weekends. Those customers were there for her when she lost her mom as she tried to keep from tearing up. 

“When my mom passed away last year a lot of my customers sent me cards,” McCullough said. “It meant a lot to me. It showed they really cared about me.” 

Outside of work 

A Mississippi State fan, McCullough said they have season tickets and go to Starkville for football games. She is a member of Victory Baptist Church. 

McCullough enjoys traveling and has gone to Spain, Canada, Jamaica and other places in between. Most recently, she took a trip to the Canary Islands where she has been three times now. 

“”It is beautiful over there. One thing I appreciate is how we have it made here in America. Parts of the Canary Islands don’t have electricity up in the mountains,” McCullough said. “The island is about an hour away from the Saharan Desert in Africa. Wind carries sand from the desert to the island. The food is from all over, the pizza is wonderful and the fish is pretty good too.”