ThaCookie Man continues to sell cookies, hopes to take business to next level

Published 12:03 pm Monday, February 19, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Joe Campbell, also known as ThaCookie Man, announced last week he would no longer be selling his homemade cookies on Brookway Boulevard. He said Monday he was staying on the move and selling cookies at different locations and doing delivery. 

His business, Tha Cookie Trap, was known for setting up shop in front of Fast Pace Care and the Blue Sky near the intersection of Brookway Boulevard and US51. You could not miss Campbell and his classic ride.

He said he would no longer sell on Brookway Boulevard due to what he felt was unequal enforcement of transient vendor license fees. Other transient vendors would set up in his space and brag about not being their fees, he claimed last Friday. Transient vendor licenses are $250 the first three months and then can be renewed for $25 for another three months as set by the Mississippi State Auditor’s Office. 

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“I’m kind of playing things by ear right now. I have a lot of offers from business and property owners to do what I do best. This morning, I was paying visits to them,” Campbell said. “I will go wherever the good Lord leads me. I like the Boulevard. It is beneficial to me. I have people coming from as far as Hattiesburg and Louisiana to try my product. You couldn’t miss me on the Boulevard. You could always find me there.” 

Until he finds a new place to go permanently, he will be on the move delivering and conducting popup sales. Campbell said he was not surprised by the support he received from the public over the weekend. The Daily Leader’s story about his plans to leave the boulevard had 114 comments and 114 shares on Facebook. 

“I put a lot into this. It keeps me going to do it. I’ve always worked hard on jobs but the people have made a difference,” he said. “Everybody has offered me help with open arms.” 

One of the reasons he started the business was to create generational wealth for his children. Campbell needed a way to reinvent himself after a severe illness and he poured his heart and soul into the business. 

Tha Cookie Trap is still open and he hopes this will help launch a new chapter in the business story. He did want to reiterate a few things for the public. 

“It isn’t a race bias or the fault of Brookhaven Police Department,” Campbell said. “I just have to take the business to the next level now. It is just the beginning of it.” 

According to the MSU Extension Office, in Mississippi, cottage foods must be sold in person directly from the cottage food producer to the end consumers and cannot be sold over the Internet, by mail order, or at wholesale or to a retail establishment.

We will provide an update when Campbell decides on a fixed location or schedule.