Supervisors hear infrastructure updates

Published 11:48 am Tuesday, February 20, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Lincoln County Engineer Ryan Holmes gave an engineering report to the board of supervisors during a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. The Board of Supervisors meets twice a month for a business meeting. 

Holmes said he needed to spread the road inspections for Districts 2,3,4 and 5 on the minutes. Supervisors voted to adopt the road inspections. 

District 1 Supervisor Jerry Wilson is working on his inspections after he had some health problems at the start of this month. Wilson was at the meeting with a mask on Tuesday. 

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“Thank you for your prayers. I have always been a strong advocate for people giving God honor and praise in all things,” Wilson said. “God is still good. I appreciate your prayers. I really do.” 

Supervisors approved to pay an ARPA project invoice for $19,962.38. The county will need to strip the seal off of the ARPA project roads once the weather gets warm. 

Holmes reminded supervisors this time of year was a great opportunity to conduct maintenance before the spring green up. He told them they should cut the shoulders of roads and spray around bridges to keep vegetation down for future bridge inspections and work. 

Update roads, bridges

Holmes explained to the supervisors they needed to amend the current road registry map to reflect construction on Sagewood Lane off of MS-550 in District 5. The road’s actual pavement length is 0.59 miles but the current road registry reflects 0.55. 

Lincoln County Board Attorney Greg Malta said the registry needed to be amended to show the end of the construction area. Supervisors approved an amendment to do so. 

Holmes told the board they are working on designs for bridges on US51, Lott Smith Road and Oppelousas. He said he hopes to set a date for bid opening for those projects soon. Bethel Road is a line road and they are working on getting the right of way platts drawn up. 

Lake Lincoln drainage project had an update in District 2. Holmes said they got approval to go in and do a lidar survey and follow up with a boundary survey to figure out property corners and determine the best way to handle the siltation at the lake. 

Holmes said according to records, Lake Lincoln’s levels have not risen since 2017. Low lying areas of Lake Lincoln Road are prone to flooding during heavy rainfalls prompting the ongoing project. District 2 Supervisor Keith Lewis asked if the surveyors would let the property owners know ahead of time. 

“​​Our guys try to make themselves known before they walk through the woods,” Holmes said. “Hopefully we will get it knocked out.” 

Supervisors approved the installation of culverts on Bluebird Trail, James Drive, Calvary Drive, Imperial Lane and Richardson Lane.