Alderman presents enhanced firearm carry training course

Published 11:30 am Saturday, March 9, 2024

An Enhanced Carry Training Event on firearms was hosted at the Lincoln County Civil Defense Building Feb. 24. Organized by Brookhaven Ward 6 Alderman Andre’ Spiller, the event drew a diverse group of participants to engage in discussions on self-defense, legal aspects of firearm ownership, and responsible gun handling practices.

The comprehensive program was presented by Certified Firearms Instructor Dustin Bairfield and culminated with hands-on field exercises at Primos Gun Range.

Key highlights of the event included:

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Community awareness: Spiller emphasized the importance of community awareness in promoting a safe and secure environment. Participants engaged in discussions about understanding local dynamics, neighborhood watch initiatives, and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Legal rights: Bairfield facilitated informative sessions to ensure participants were well-versed in their rights and responsibilities as firearm owners. Topics covered included self-defense laws, understanding concealed carry permits, and navigating legal obligations related to firearm ownership.

Gun Safety Training: Dustin Bairfield with assistance from area law enforcement professionals conducted hands-on training sessions focusing on gun safety, proper handling, and marksmanship skills. Participants had the opportunity to practice in a controlled and supervised environment, promoting responsible firearm ownership.

Spiller expressed his gratitude to Bairfield, local area law enforcement, and Primos for the community’s enthusiastic participation and stressed the importance of continuing such initiatives.

“Our goal is to empower citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to be responsible gun owners. This event is a step towards fostering a safer and more informed community,” said Spiller.

Residents who attended the Enhanced Carry Training Event shared positive feedback, highlighting the event’s practical and informative nature. Many expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to engage with experts in the field and enhance their understanding of legal and safety aspects associated with carrying firearms. Spiller said he looks forward to organizing similar events in the future, reaffirming his commitment to community empowerment and safety.