In the years of chaos

Published 10:00 am Monday, March 18, 2024

Eleven — that’s the number of years we have called Brandon our home. Don’t we all say concerning time, “That doesn’t seem possible!” As I was thinking about time and how it’s shifted into racing mode from my stage in life, I looked up the meaning of #11.  I learned something new — that number means disorder or chaos.

As I reflected on our past eleven years here, I first associated commercial and residential growth to those months. Our back yard that we saw for the first time had a manicured section of a golf course that backed up to a deep forest wall. Last summer a major shifting of a river on the course was initiated in an effort for flood control.

For dusty and noisy months, we watched from our back porch as the forest disappeared and seemingly endless loads of large boulders were hauled in to keep the newly-dug river in its banks. All that “improvement” exposed the homes once hidden behind the forest. Now we look into their backyards as they look into ours. This progress has bordered on disorder for those affected.

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Numerous other subdivisions nearby and across town have sprung up as people continue to move into Rankin County. Last week we passed an intersection and saw a group of deer crossing a busy street. Progress for some isn’t what it’s advertised. To the wild life, it has to be disorder.

Short-order eateries must be keeping up with the growing people population because they have made a run on the empty spaces on a busy highway near us. Eleven years ago we “managed” to survive on a couple of restaurants in our area. Now we can eat at a different restaurant for 10 or more days without a repeat.

The biggest and most significant change in the 11 years has been the addition of eight great-grandchildren to our lives. Apple juice, mac-n-cheese, and lots of sippy cups are familiar items in our visits with them. It’s a blessed chaos!!

The world of technology has also progressed with an intimidating pace in just 11 years. The speed and the distance at which we can communicate are incredible. I can sit in my study with my iPad and talk with a missionary friend in Asia — face to face.

However some changes have been grievous. Covid, crime, lawlessness, corruption and the death of free speech have changed the face of our nation and attacked its foundation. We listened to the State of the Union address last week. I wasn’t able to concentrate on the president’s speech after his first comments — his pledge to make abortion legal again. A large segment of the legislative body and other attendees broke into clamorous applause and cheering.

The state of a divided nation? The state of a nation that denies the right of life to the unborn? The state of a nation that celebrates death? Disorder and chaos are lenient descriptions of such a nation. Lord, in wrath remember mercy.

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