Lincoln County awarded grants for infrastructure

Published 12:16 pm Monday, April 1, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Lincoln County Engineer Ryan Holmes had good news for the Board of Supervisors Monday morning. A drainage project in District 3 is eligible to receive grant money and County Administrator Daniel Calcote said the library would get money from Entergy for lighting.  

Holmes explained to the board the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services awarded a grant to fix a drainage issue on River Road. The application for the grant was entered last year when former District 3 Supervisor Nolan Williamson was in office. 

“The shoulder was collapsing so Nolan did some emergency repairs,” Holmes said. “We were notified we got the funding.” 

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District 3 Supervisor John David Hart grinned with the news. Holmes explained the County initially thought it would pay 25% of the cost for the project. The grant would require Lincoln County to only pay $10,500 of the $149,000 for the project. 

Holmes said they would need to get easements for the work. Supervisors approved the grant notice to enter into an agreement with the USDA NRCS. 

Library lighting

Entergy is offering a grant to help Lincoln County pay for lighting replacement in the Lincoln–Lawrence-Franklin regional library. Calcote explained to the supervisors the Lincoln County Courthouse had looked into the same grant from Entergy but was not eligible, however the library was. 

The estimated cost of modernizing the lighting at the regional library is $28,000. Under the grant, Entergy would pay for $10,000 while the library paid for the remaining $18,000. 

“This fits within our library budget. I”ve built up some money for building and grounds improvements over the years,” Calcote said. “This is just a participation agreement with Entergy. Our electric bill should be better.” 

Supervisors approved the agreement with Entergy.