Supervisors discuss overtime concerns with E911 dispatch

Published 4:10 pm Friday, April 12, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Lincoln County Board of Supervisors expressed concerns about overtime pay at the E911 Dispatch during a regularly scheduled docket meeting Thursday. Lincoln County and Brookhaven combined dispatch into the E911 center this year.

District 5 Supervisor Doug Falvey specifically asked why the overtime for E911 was high. Lincoln County Administrator Daniel Calcote and Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing explained it was tough to find employees that last at central dispatch due to the stress of the job. 

Reid was not present for the discussion but was at the meeting later. He worked a three vehicle wreck on I-55 Wednesday evening. 

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Falvey said he noticed one dispatcher had worked 40 hours of overtime this pay period. Rushing explained it was an employee who is willing to work and cover shifts. 

“When you have three positions you have to have filled it might be easier to have one fill in as full-time. You have to have three in there,” Rushing said. “It might be something to figure in for next year.” 

District 3 Supervisor John David Hart, who is also the chief of Hog Chain Volunteer Fire Department, said he knows Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency Director Chris Reid has filled in for a few shifts at the E911 dispatch. Calcote told the board Reid was “Doing what he can.” 

Rushing told the board he would be glad to look at what the cost will be to have more full time positions. He explained he would run four dispatchers a shift in case one of the dispatchers was out. Rushing told Falvey the budget already has some overtime built in.

Calcote explained the challenges Lincoln County was facing with dispatch. 

“It is a hard position to hire for. It is a special shift to take it,” Calcote said. “It needs to be someone young enough to work those hours and strong willed enough to deal with the stress.”