Motion to reconsider tabled for Turkey stamp bill

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2024

JACKSON — A motion to reconsider was tabled for the Senate’s adoption of a conference report on the senate version of the Turkey Stamp Bill Wednesday. Mississippi’s legislative daily action report shows a motion to reconsider was entered after 43 senators voted in favor of the bill, four voted against and five voted present Tuesday. The motion was tabled Wednesday afternoon. 

Under the conference report, if the senate bill becomes law, hunters would be required to purchase a turkey stamp to hunt wild turkeys in Mississippi. Money raised by the stamp would go towards habitat work, conservation and research of wild turkeys. 

According to the conference report for Senate Bill 2652, lifetime license holders would be exempt from purchasing a wild turkey stamp. Residents would not be charged for stamps and non-residents would be charged $200 for turkey stamps. 

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Turkey stamps would be valid from the date of purchase to the final day of turkey season following its purchase. The stamp would thus expire and a new one would have to be purchased for the next season. 

House Bill 1298, which would also create a turkey stamp with residents having a fee of $10, had its conference report accepted by the house before the senate recommitted the bill to conference. The action to recommit was taken last week and no further action on the house bill has been taken.