Ole Brook seniors sign to cheer at Co-Lin

Published 2:33 pm Thursday, May 9, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — Three Ole Brook seniors celebrated signing to cheer at Co-Lin Thursday morning. They took center stage to pose for pictures with friends, graduation is two weeks away. 

Ethan Furr, Kevin Camp and Serenity Franklin are headed to Wesson to cheer on the Wolves. 

Franklin started cheering at Alexander Junior High and cheered for the Brookhaven High School basketball team. 

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“I’m excited. I’m really excited,” Franklin said. “I enjoy cheering. I enjoy the memories.” 

She was quiet and reserved Thursday morning. Her plan at Co-Lin is to study nursing. 

“I want to be a registered nurse with the ADN program,” she said. “I enjoy helping people anyway I can. My teacher is a registered nurse and my inspiration to go through nursing.” 

Furr said signing with Co-Lin means a lot to him. His friend Camp talked him into giving cheer a try at Co-Lin. He happened to fall in love with it and has a new opportunity.  

His dad Timothy Furr died in November 2023. Cheer is an opportunity for Furr to stay active but to work through this season of life.

“I was glad I got the opportunity. I didn’t want to waste it. My buddy Kevin talked me into going to a camp at Co-Lin. We got into it and fell in love with it,” Furr said. “It is what we have loved to do ever since. It will be the first time for me to cheer. I’ll be working out a lot and lifting a lot of weights, focusing on my upper body a lot. After losing my dad earlier this year, to have something to do with one of my best friends means the world to me.” 

He added Co-Lin has wonderful people on campus. His plan is to major in engineering and minor in a trade. 

Camp said he was excited for the future but at the same time nervous of what is to come. He explained the reason Furr and he gave cheering a try was due to his friend’s girlfriend telling him he should try out. 

“I didn’t want to go alone so I asked Ethan to come with me. We were nervous at first but decided to stick with it,” Camp said. “We really enjoyed it. I enjoy the fact it is a physical sport. You can connect with a lot of new people.” 

His preparation for cheering at Co-Lin is underway. He set up a physical routine in the gym based off of push and pull, he works on his shoulders and chest a lot. 

At Co-Lin, he plans to study pre-engineering before going on to Mississippi State University to major in Mechanical engineering. His plan for engineering is to work in the automotive field and “see what I can do there.” 

Cheer is a completely new sport for him and Furr but it fell into place at the right time. The two were friends before this year but have grown closer over the last few months. Especially, since they will be cheering together at Co-Lin the bond has grown stronger. 

“We have clicked really fast,” Camp said. “Cheer will open me up a lot more. I can do more. I won’t be as closed off. I can have someone I can be myself around.” 

His advice to the underclassmen is simple and goofy. 

“Never buy a third gen Camaro,” Camp said. “They are a money pit.”