Stay alert and safe

Published 9:00 am Sunday, May 26, 2024

Hi, all! Just a thought to help start your day. 

Recently, while her mother and I toured part of the eldest daughter’s work site near Alabama’s Gulf Coast, I looked out at the slough beside the building and commented that I bet there were gators in there. Eldest spoke up and said there certainly was one, and we would probably see him before we left.

And we did. There in that still, greenish, swampy water was a rather large alligator, albeit “not as big as some” they had seen. Very calm, minding his own business, he was stretched out in the water, near a shady spot, always aware of his surroundings whether we were or not.

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In the center of my picture, you’ll see his tail stretched out toward the left side, while his head and snout are pointed toward the right side. Never would I attempt to wade into those waters. I probably wouldn’t even lean over the fence between us and him. I would leave well enough alone. Why? Because of the obvious impending danger of messing with the potential of evil.

In our lives, we lean too far over the fences sometimes, and we wade into the murky waters for reasons that may remain unknown. We tread into the territory of the enemy as he lays ever so still, waiting on his next unsuspecting meal or victim to arrive.

The Bible tells us that Satan roams about like a lion, seeking the ones he can chew up! Now, I know the difference between a lion and a gator, but I don’t want to be caught in the grasp of either one! I shouldn’t want to be near the devil and his evil ways either.

Look from afar. Locate him. And stay away from the situation.

Just a short minute or two after I took this picture, that old gator slipped underneath the water’s surface, undetectable and unseen. Had I not looked when I did, I would have only seen the murky water, the peaceful environment. But because we were aware and paying attention, we saw, recognized, and remained safe from the danger.

Pay attention this week. The dangers may be closer than you realize. Trust the Lord to keep you safe.

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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