Thankful for those always ready to help

Published 12:30 pm Saturday, June 1, 2024

Last Saturday evening (May 25) we had some sudden excitement at the Aspen of Brookhaven assisted living building on Silver Cross Drive. As the residents were starting to retire from dinner in the dining hall, all of the alarms throughout the building suddenly sounded with their deafening “beep! beep!” for maybe 15 minutes.

At first we thought that maybe it was an alarm signaling the exit from the building by someone who “wasn’t supposed to leave,” but I knew better. The sound was twenty times louder and sharper than that kind of signal.

As some of us sat there wondering, in a few moments at least two fire trucks and other vehicles pulled up to all sides of the large building and fully-equipped firemen came in, most heading for the kitchen. Some of the “rescue team” were there, too, all ready to help as needed. There could be fire in any of the many resident rooms or equipment or storage rooms or attics or anywhere else!

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For a moment the beeping stopped, and we thought that it was “all over” — but, no! It started again, followed by more noise and then silence, and noise and then silence, then noise and silence — for another 30 or more minutes.

When it was over, we breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the men of the Brookhaven Fire Department and Rescue Team that were there for us — just in case — and we thanked them while they waved their thanks in leaving.

We never learned the reason for the alarms but probably we will never forget that alarm and the intrusion of some “first responders” in our potential hour of need. Probably it was just an equipment malfunction which was repaired to the satisfaction of the Fire Department and staff. Maybe next time for some folks in our community it will be “for real.” And we are thankful for those who are always ready to help.


Wes Ellis