Column: People, communities make Lincoln County great

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Two years ago, I returned from my mini-honeymoon in New Orleans to start a new job with The Daily Leader in Brookhaven. The first weeks and months were certainly different, I had to adjust to a new environment while spending some days working at the paper in Natchez. 

In two years, I’ve either confirmed or learned some things about Lincoln County. The people here are what make this county great and so are the communities spread across the landscape. 

I’m still somewhat getting settled in. I’m still trying to figure out where roads are and their names. I am still trying to learn names, especially the members at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. I might recognize your face and know your story but half the time I’m scared I’ll call you by the wrong name. One day I’ll get there I promise. 

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I have always had a feeling the people in Lincoln County would be great. Anytime I meet someone from Bogue Chitto I learn I’m related to about half the town through the Wallace bloodline. One of my theories is that all roads lead to Bogue Chitto, not the beach. 

Lincoln County residents are special because they care for each other. I know my church family has helped me and my wife on several occasions. The support of local businesses is incredible, how else can you explain the number of small businesses we have for a small town like us. 

The people here have so many great stories and it is a great pleasure of mine to help tell those stories. The stories we tell are part of the greater documented history about this place enshrined in The Daily Leader Archives.

Communities make Lincoln County great as well. My first visits to Brookhaven as a child were usually to Jaci Drive or a brief excursion to Bogue Chitto. I didn’t realize there was more to this wonderful county than the town and a hamlet. 

Caseyville, Loyd Star, Heucks Retreat, Enterprise, Fair River, Little Bahala, Mt. Zion, New Sight, Hog Chain, Norfield, Auburn, Arlington, East Lincoln, West Lincoln, Zetus, McCall Creek, Vaughn and Ruth. I’m sure there are others. Tuesday was the first time I ever visited Ruth. I had heard about the community but never actually went out there until the Ruth General Store was opened. 

The Ruth General Store was neat to me because I have passed so many shuttered general stores in my travels across Mississippi. There is nothing more refreshing after a long day in the woods or out fishing than an ice cold coke bought from such establishments. 

One of the owners told me people from the community asked about the store’s progress to opening over two years of renovation. I’m sure the support and pride in Ruth is strong right now with a new store to call theirs. 

Lincoln County would not be the same without its people, our small businesses nor the small unincorporated communities we call home. My hope for the future of the county is continued small business success in these communities. A 20 minute drive to town may not sound like a lot until it is close to closing time. and you need gas, milk or bread quickly.