Belle Rosen back open for business, to create memories

Published 12:00 pm Monday, June 10, 2024

BROOKHAVEN — A historic home and enchanting venue is opening its doors again. Belle Rosen, located at 328 West Cherokee Street, was closed for business during COVID but is bouncing back to life.

Augusta Walden, owner of Belle Rosen, said her grandson Thomas “Tommy” Walden is living with her and they are opening the venue to help create new memories for families. 

Residents may have noticed activity with the hedges being trimmed along the white picket fence in front of the home. It was one of Thomas’s first chores when he moved to Brookhaven in January. His relatives helped with the work to improve the yard and landscaping. 

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His hometown is Tupelo although Brookhaven was his summer home when he visited his grandmother. He said helping run Belle Rosen offered a chance for him to take care of his grandmother and escape the busy city life he had in Kansas City, Missouri. 

“I lived in the big city and I could see a good opportunity in this town and I had all of these fond feelings when we came to visit,” Thomas said. “We talked and I realized if I wanted to, I could drop what I’m doing and set myself up with my savings. I would have an opportunity to give back the goodness my grandma gave me.” 

Augusta is not originally from Brookhaven either. She grew up in the Mississippi delta in Rolling Fork. She moved to Brookhaven in 1969. Her husband at the time was Dr. Thomas Walden who was the first pathologist in Brookhaven. Once she moved to town she never left. 

Creating memories

Belle Rosen offers a variety of events and services at the home. It can offer more and simpler services than weddings. 

One hope for the business is they will be able to engage a smaller scale of clientele. To try and share the home with others. It could mean a family reunion or hosting a table game night. Thomas said they had a tea party for little girls and their mothers last week. He has visions of allowing people to make the same memories he made in a home vital to his childhood. Most importantly, he wants to be a part of the town. 

“I would come over here for the summer for a few weeks or the whole summer. As a kid, I was a curious person and I liked to get into things. I could engage in my curiosity and she was there to encourage me,” Thomas said. “Those moments stayed with me… What if I could take what she made into something for others. As time goes on, I could help offer this house for families. Hopefully, people can create memories. My belief is if you give back good the world gets better” 

His dream is that the home might be thought of as “Brookhaven’s house.” 

He said when he was 18 his parents moved from Tupelo to Arkansas and he went to Baton Rouge. After graduating from Millsaps, he lived all over the place including Mountain Home, Arkansas most recently. 

With the move, he has learned new responsibilities and is running the business. It is allowing Augusta to do what she loves to do most, host guests. Thomas said it is when she is at her happiest.

She said she still has to pinch herself that Thomas is still here adding he has spoiled her. 

“He can cook too,” she quipped. “I never dreamed I would be so lucky.” 

Thomas’s motivation is his grandmother. 

“She did stuff for me that ended up being the most meaningful things,” Thomas said. “I figured I would come back and try to do something like that. I think of it as ‘How can I show you what it meant to me.’ I have longer term plans. I would like to renovate the carriage house and have a stage and have someone play music there. I think facilitating creativity would be good.” 

Anyone interested in having an event at Belle Rosen can call or text 601-435-6639 or email 

Check back for part two Tuesday.