Beautiful ‘Son sets’

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hi, all! Just a thought.

I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset. One reason is the utter beauty of it all. Another, honestly, is because of the time of day. I very seldom have ever seen the sun rise! However, I’ve witnessed countless sunsets, and every one is amazing in its own way.

I took this sunset photo from the Gulf, just at the end of the long pier at Navarre Beach, Flori-da. The winds were cool. The waters were full of God’s creatures swimming about. There was plenty of activity and talking from the crowd of folks standing behind me. But, here, in this photo, there was nothing but God.

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See His hands stirring up the waters. See His big sky, filled with the fluffiest of all of His clouds. See the sands of the beach, with grains so numerous only He knows how much there is. And see the rays of His sun shining through those fluffy clouds, across the manmade buildings, the sandy shores, and waves of the ocean, right up to me.

It was as if that sunset was aimed directly at me, right where I stood.

I am so incredibly thankful that the Son of God shines from Heaven above and comes directly to where I am. Even with the clouds of life. Even with the manmade interruptions and distrac-tions. Even across rough sandy walkways and long wooden piers. He reaches me.

Maybe what you need today is a quiet moment to watch His sunset. In doing so, you may see the Son reaching out to you.

In addition, many of us have aged friends, family members, or church members who are quickly reaching the sunset of this life. How glorious it can be to see them watch for the Son to reach out to them.

Wherever these warm summer months may take you in the travels of life, be it across the world, across the nation, or simply across the street, be always aware of His beautiful sunsets and “Son sets.” As brief as they are, there’s nothing like it.

Just a thought.

’Til later.

Brad Campbell can be reached at