The Head Light

Published 9:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2024

Hi, all! Just a thought.

It was a rainy, dreary, very cool day. We had not fully prepared ourselves. I had one jacket, but it wasn’t really water proof, just repellant to a point. And we only had one umbrella between the three of us. I dropped wife and daughter off as close as I could and drove back up the hill to find (and pay for!) a parking space, before walking back down the hill in the cold drizzle. Believe it or not, this was one of the things about which we were the most excited to do on our trip.

We had reached the coast of Maine. There on a cliff at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean was an opera-tional lighthouse. And we were able to visit it. Although not allowed to climb it, all those who were there were allowed to roam the grounds to our hearts’ content and to take in some of the most beautiful God-created scenery and sounds.

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Lighthouses such as this one, called the Head Light, were built for one purpose — to warn passing ships of the danger of the rocks and cliffs along the shore. Indeed, there is a memorial there for one such ship that wrecked and sank many years ago.

A lighthouse is to stand tall, just like you see here, shine its warning lights into the darkness, and make folks aware of the life-threatening dangers of the surrounding dark waters. This lighthouse had performed her duties well for many decades.

As a Christian, I am to be a lighthouse. I am to be a Head Light, shining in the darkness. I am to warn others of the life-threatening dangers of trying to navigate this old world in the darkness of sin. I am to continue to shine even when some ignore the warnings and head straight for disaster. I am to stand tall and keep His light shining through me.

By the time we left that lighthouse, we were cold and pretty much soaked, but it all seemed worth it. What more could you expect from a lighthouse visit than to experience the unpleasantness that surrounds it? It all seemed so fitting for our visit. And we left there not complaining about the wet or cold, but thankful that we had the chance to visit.

This week, I invite you to visit THE Head Light. Let the Lord shine His light into the dark places of your life and lead you on to safety. You may still experience the roughness of the waves, but you can be saved from the darkness. It’s an experience you can’t forget.

Just a thought.

’Til later.

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