Bible gives guidance during elections

If you like a pastor that offers quick and thought-provoking sermons, then you would have loved First Baptist Brookhaven Pastor Greg Warnock last Sunday morning. Rev. Warnock took to the pulpit and proclaimed to the congregation that he had two sermons. Not to scare away too many of us in attendance, he quickly added that his first sermon would only be one word. VOTE! That’s all you need to know he said referring to this past Tuesday’s election: VOTE!

Now to be fair, the Reverend did bring, as usual, a strong and powerful message on the book that many Americans use to guide their lives and help decide many things such as who to vote for. The Bible. The real sermon did allow some reflection on the comparison of the Bible and the people we vote for. The Bible, as Rev. Warnock preached, is 66 books, written by 40 authors, in three languages over a 1600-year time span. It is a united and synchronized book. The Bible has been preserved and its inspired message is the same today as when written.

Think about the politicians involved in today’s elections. While some have served 40 to 50 years and some are relative newcomers, the messages they proclaim to voters constantly change. Most election observers will tell you that some of the messages espoused today are different than when they began watching politics and elections.

The beliefs, views and values held by many today are no longer the same as they were even 25 years earlier. Some people seeking elected office today began as a member of one political party only to switch to another.

No so with the Bible.

Its’ message has endured and survived the changes of the entire world. The Bible, as stated by the pastor, is inspiration vs. observation. Those 40 authors who were inspired by God wrote the Bible. Politics is driven by observation. Candidates observe the citizenry to try and determine what’s on voters’ minds and voters observe candidates to learn what’s on theirs.

Not much inspiration available from either the candidates or voters today.

The first sermon though is still important. Christians need to vote.

June 24, 2014 we will have another opportunity to exercise that right. VOTE!


If you have been reading the pages of The Daily Leader recently, you have noticed several new names on our stories and photographs. I am excited that we have gained several new staff members with some amazing talents. Your advertising and reading experience, as some like to say, has been ‘kicked up a notch’ by these new employees. Please allow me to introduce our newest hires:

KATIE WILLIAMSON is a recent Ole Miss graduate and is originally from Oxford, Mississippi. Katie has experience in writing, photography, magazine layout and design, website development and much more. Readers have already commented on her bright and vivid photography.

Many of you may already recognize JULIA PENDLEY, as she is a native of Brookhaven and graduate of Brookhaven High School. Julia served as an intern with The Daily Leader several summers while attending Mississippi State University. She graduated in May. Julia has been named Lifestyles Editor and prepares the Sunday Lifestyles section. She is also a regular columnist, a reporter, has skills in photography, pagination, writing and website development.

ABBEY BARKER is also a native of Brookhaven and graduate of Brookhaven High School and May graduate of Mississippi State University. Abbey is a talented graphic artist. The portfolio she brought along for her interview convinced us that we needed her on our team. Abbey is busy most days designing and paginating The Daily Leader pages you regularly read.

Readers are sure to enjoy her creative skills as she works to improve the layout and design of Brookhaven Magazine and our other magazines. Don’t be surprised to see Abbey writing articles soon!

NEELY ZISKIN has joined our sales staff as an Advertising Consultant. Neely has many years of experience selling pharmaceuticals. She is a native of Meadville and knows Brookhaven very well. Neely, along with Kristi Carver and Tracy McGuffee will be bringing many good ideas to advertisers that will help deliver customers to local merchants doors.

JENNIFER HARRISON, also from Brookhaven, has joined The Daily Leader as Classified Advertising Sales Coordinator. Jennifer has worked in banking and already knows many business owners and operators.

I am happy The Daily Leader and Brookhaven has been able to attract these talented individuals to this community. Their individual abilities and skills could have taken them elsewhere. They chose Brookhaven and The Daily Leader. They join a staff of other talented people who work hard each and every day to bring The Daily Leader to your home.

Join us in welcoming them to The Daily Leader staff!