Officials get ready for new school year

The Brookhaven School District is in their last leg of preparation for the new school year.

The board met Tuesday to approve their consent agenda, policy changes and financial statements.

In a previous meeting, deputy superintendent Stephanie Henderson said the policy changes mostly focused on changing language to allow for more precise wording. One policy was presented for immediate adoption, which would allow students participating in the College Now Program to have a graduation option.

The board approved a request to advertise for the sale and removal of the house at 325 East Monticello St. Superintendent Ben Cox said they will specify in the advertisement that the house must be removed within a certain amount of time of the sale.

Cox also said they have received the raw data for last year’s test scores, but they have not finished analyzing the numbers. He said preliminary results suggest some modest improvements have been seen, and some areas need work.

“We’re going to hit the ground running,” he said.

The consent agenda included the following:

• Early childhood parent handbook

• Disposal of textbooks at the Brookhaven Technical Center

• Softball booster donation to BHS Athletics in the amount of $2,206.80 for infield conditioner.

• Band fundraisers, consisting of spirit cards, Maestro Foods, trash bags and catfish plates.

• Mamie Martin PTA fundraisers, consisting of Ole Brook spirit coffee tumblers and the Panther Spirit 5K walk.

• Transfer of funds from 16th section to district maintenance for the purchase of two buses in the total amount of $171,850.40.

• Transfer of funds from district maintenance to the athletic activity fund for operation in the amount of $80,000.

• Transfer of funds from district maintenance back to 16th Section in the amount of $29,648.29 for funds not used in the recent purchase of two properties.

• Sole source purchases, including Amplify Education software renewal at $16,410, Educational Materials ELS Benchmarks and Item Banks at $22,000 and Education Materials EZ Suite at $12,500.