Haven to show double feature of “Elf” and “Christmas Vacation”

Brookhaven Little Theatre plans to kick off winter break Saturday with a double feature, pizza and popcorn.

Families, individuals and students are invited to come out to the theatre for Family Christmas Movie Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m.

“We’re going to be showing two family-friendly classic movies that the bulk of the community will enjoy,” BLT board member Emily Waterloo said. 

The first feature film to be played will be “Elf” at 4 p.m., followed by “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” at 7 p.m., Waterloo said.

“Elf,” rated PG, is a classic-film released in 2003 and features Will Ferrell, James Caan and Bob Newhart. The movie shows the journey of how Buddy (Ferrell), a man who wreaks havoc on the elf community in the North Pole because of his size, discovers his true identity in the United States.

“Christmas Vacation,” rated PG-13, is a 1989 Christmas comedy and stars Chevy Chase, Beverly DeAngelo and Randy Quaid. The movie details the adventures of a typical American family Christmas vacation.

“This is a different, fun way to get the community to the theatre,” she said. “‘Elf’ is appropriate for younger children, so come out to see one or both.”

The regular BLT concession stand will be open, in addition to pizza. The theatre is asking that each person provide a $5 donation to see each movie. Students 12 and older can be dropped off, but Waterloo encourages families to attend together.

“Showing these movies gives BLT a way to focus on the film industry, along with theatre,” Waterloo said. “It’s a great way for families to go out together for a good bargain.”

Waterloo said the Saturday movie event concludes the theatre’s Christmas showings for the year.

“This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we will have more than 1,500 students from local schools travel to the theatre to see the ‘Polar Express,’” she said.

BLT began experimenting with the cinema side of the industry last year. The Christmas movie event featured the “Polar Express” for the whole week last year, so Waterloo decided to mix up the movie showing this year.

“Last fall, one of our goals was to start looking into doing movies at our theater in-between our theater plays that we do on stage, and we got licensing through Warner Brothers. So we’re licensed to do Warner Brothers films in our theater, and we’re working on licenses for our other films,” Waterloo said. “At Halloween we showed ‘Harry Potter.’ Halloween night we showed ‘Twilight Zone.’ That was our first little soft opening of doing movies, and we got a good response from it. We’re just learning. It’s a learning process to figure out how and when to show movies and which movies to show.”

The Haven Theatre seats 300.

For more information, contact the Brookhaven Little Theatre at 601-669-1878 or visit brookhavenlittletheatre.com.