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Keeping those resolutions

It’s that time again. The time of the year when parking at the gym gets harder, check books stay balanced and generally good habits are ... Read more

Christmas Surprise

The sun was setting as Margie rounded the corner. She was breathing heavy and wanted to quit. Just a few more yards and she could. ... Read more

Just a step

It starts with a step – a single solitary step. It seems so easy, but it’s not. What is it about working out that is ... Read more

Talents abound, but must be cultivated

<ParaStyle:Normal> Sometimes it can be easy to get in a pattern, in a zone. Whether it’s at work, school, the gym or church, sometimes we ... Read more

Angel Flights

Not everyone is able to fly across the country in a private plane. There is something truly thrilling about the freedom of taking off into ... Read more

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