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These days, normal is as normal does

You’re not going to hear about any suspicious white powder fromme today.

Nothing about bombs, or terrorism, or evil or death.

Not one word about the rollercoaster stock market.

No Osama bin Laden jokes.

Normal things.

That’s what we’re supposed to be doing and talking about.Routine, day-to-day stuff.

So, my topic today is cheese. Sort of. Here goes.

The way I understand this story — and it has been reported innewspapers, on radio, television and the Internet — is that an”artist” in Powell, Wyo., is covering a house with cheese.

Lots of it. Up to 10,000 pounds of pepperjack cheese will besprayed inside a vacant home by the time Cosimo Cavallaro isdone.

Cavallaro isn’t from Wyoming. He’s from New York (I would haveguessed California). How he ended up decorating a house in Wyominginstead of another state hasn’t been explained. Probably hassomething to do with the weather.

Anyway, Cavallaro uses cheese instead of paint or clay orwhatever artists who don’t use cheese use. He’s already covered ahotel room in cheese. He also covered the model Twiggy incheese.

Why cheese? Here’s his answer.

”It’s milk. It’s life.”

That explains it, don’t you think?

Wyoming Cheese House is the name of the project. Cavallaro andsome helpers began melting down the cheese Tuesday. Chunks of thewhitish-yellow pepperjack, which is dotted with red and green, areplaced in barrels surrounded by heated water.

The warmed cheese is pumped through a hose and squirted into thehouse. Witnesses said that as the cheese hits the brown walls,floral-print curtain and furniture, it gives off a warm, pleasantaroma.

Some folks in the town are really taken with the project. ThePowell Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a ”Cheesefest” for Oct.27. It will feature a parade and a cheese king and queen will bechosen.

Others think the whole idea is, well, cheesy.

They’re worried about mice and birds coming to their town indroves, along with curious people who want to see what a housecovered in cheese looks like. They’re worried that their quietlittle town of 5,373 will be turned into a a laughingstock.

And, as on resident so aptly put it, “I have a feeling it’sgoing to stink.”

OK. That’s the story of the cheese house. Artist CosimoCavallaro is out there going about his day-to-day business, justlike President Bush said we should.

Normal though, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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