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Grandma indicted in death of infant

A grandmother accused of torturing and killing her 4-month-oldgranddaughter and an Oma man accused of killing his cousin wereindicted Thursday during Lawrence County’s December term of thegrand jury.”We received the indictments yesterday afternoon, andthey were served last night,” said Lawrence County UndersheriffWillie Wallace. “We’re just waiting on a trial date now.”

Mary P. Grandberry, 52, and Albert D. Smith Jr., 28, are incustody at the Lawrence County Jail.

Grandberry is accused of capital murder, which can carry a deathsentence, while Smith is accused of murder, which can carry amaximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

Grandberry is accused of torturing to death Daria K’MyaGrandberry, who was born March 19 and died of internal hemorrhagingJuly 21 at Marion General Hospital. Daria K’Mya was the infantdaughter of Keisha Grandberry of Monticello.

The case has received attention statewide because the internalhemorrhaging allegedly was caused by molestation.

Doug Miller, assistant district attorney for the 15th JudicialCourt District, has refused to comment on the nature of theinfant’s injuries or how they were caused until the case goes totrial, but Lawrence County Sheriff Joel Thames has confirmed thechild was molested.

A single incident caused the injuries that killed the infant,Miller said, but he would not comment on whether there were anyprior incidents involving the child.

Smith is accused of shooting and killing his cousin Terry Maye,37, of Oma, following an argument over whose car was faster, Thamessaid at the time of Smith’s arrest.

Maye was shot twice in the chest Oct. 24. Jerrytown Roadresidents, where the shooting occurred, witnessed the shooting andidentified Smith, the sheriff said.

The shooting allegedly occurred after Smith and Maye argued overwho won a car race earlier in the day, Thames said.