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City officials vow to lead well

City officials, in most cases, renewed their vows to lead themunicipality forward with the best of intentions during an oath ofoffice ceremony in the courthouse Friday morning.

D.W. Maxwell, who won election in June as the Ward Fivealderman, took the oath for the first time. Maxwell defeatedincumbent Tom Smith by three votes in the Democratic primary andfellow challenger Don Godbold June 8 in the city’s only contestedrace.

Surrounded by friends and supporters, Maxwell said Friday “was abig day for me. I appreciate all the support I’ve received and I’mlooking forward to serving them as their alderman.”

Mayor Bob Massengill; Aldermen Terry Bates Sr., Dorsey Cameron,Buddy Allen and Les Bumgarner; Alderwomen Shirley Estes and MaryWilson; and Brookhaven Police Chief Arlustra “Pap” Henderson alsorenewed their oaths in front of a packed courtroom.

Chancery Judges Ed Patten and Mike Taylor shared the duty ofswearing in the officials.

“It’s amazing when you think about the swearing-in of ourofficials,” Patten said during opening remarks. “Every time we dothis it solidifies what the words ‘We the people’ really mean.”

The oath of office, in signifying representative government, isone of the many ideals the men and women in the military arefighting and dying for across the world, he said.

He commended the men and women taking office for their desire towork for the public good and encouraged them to do the best jobthey could.

“There is no more proactive role in the community than servingin government,” Patten said. “Every decision, every choice you makeimpacts the citizens of Brookhaven.”

Taylor further emphasized those comments when he said “there areordinary citizens, but there are no ordinary people” while urgingthe office holders to remember that every single person is anextraordinary person who will be impacted by their decisions.

“I hope you all will have the grace and wisdom to lead us all -and lead us well,” he said. “Municipal government is vital. Thereare a million things to run and we appreciate you making thatsacrifice.”

Maxwell will attend his first city board meeting as an aldermanwhen the board meets on July 5.