Local gasoline prices dip below $2 a gallon

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With gas prices dropping almost two dollars a gallon in recentmonths, Brookhaven area consumers are thrilled to be paying lessnow. But some are tempering their enthusiasm with caution over anuncertain future.

While gassing up his SUV at BP on Brookway Boulevard for $2.01 agallon Tuesday, Matthew Foster said he’s hoping the prices continueto drop, but he’s not sure if that’s too much to hope for.

“I’m afraid they’re going to go back up to where they were, ifnot higher,” he said. “But I’m glad they’re where they are. It’sbeen four or five years since they’ve been this low. It feelsgood.”

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Prices Tuesday ranged from $2.11 for regular unleaded at theKasko Truck Stop in north Brookhaven to $1.99 at the Blue Sky,Fleetway, Wal-Mart and a few others around town. Others, likeCracker Barrel and Foster Chevron, fell in the middle at around$2.05.

Sherry Smith, of Wesson, refused to see any dark clouds as shefilled up at the Blue Sky Tuesday evening.

“I am not looking this gift horse in the mouth,” she said. “It’slike a party at the pumps. I’m happy about it, and I am not goingto worry about what’s coming tomorrow, because it’s anotherday.”

Brookhaven’s Deborah Smith, who filled up her sedan at FleetwayWednesday morning, and said she’s happy to see the prices back downto where they’re reasonable. And she’s holding out hope for furthergood news.

“I’m so glad they went down,” she said. “I hope they stay likethis.”

Eric Bowman, of Kenner, La., said he put a $50 bill on thecounter at the Kasko Truck Stop on Tuesday afternoon.

“It feels funny to get change back from that,” he said.

Bowman said he travels between Kenner and Memphis twice a weekmaking deliveries, and that he’s been able to put away quite a bitof money since gas prices went down.

Meanwhile, oil prices have fallen to their lowest level in 20months Tuesday. Bowman pointed to that as the possibility thatprices could stay on the low side.

“I hope since they’re paying less, we’ll continue to pay less,”he said.

Bowman was unsure what the falling gasoline prices mean for theeconomy, but he’s taking advantage of them while he can.

“I try to budget like they’re still high, and then I put thatextra money in a separate bank account,” Bowman said. “Maybe it’llhelp me get that boat I’ve been wanting.”