Saying so long not good-bye

Published 3:19 pm Monday, July 12, 2010

If you’ve been reading this past week’s newspapers you’veprobably noticed the advertisement running in the classifieds for anew Lifestyles editor.

Yes, after five years at the helm of all things society, I’mgoing to turn over the reins to someone new. I’ve been promoted tohead of the graphics department and computer systems at thenewspaper.

I’ll still be around, just in a different capacity.

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It was a hard decision to make – to leave the newsroom. I’veoften said I have the greatest job around. I still do.

As Lifestyles editor I got to share in engagements, weddings,new babies, birthdays and a variety of club events – all happynews. When you get photos of new babies or children’s firstbirthdays you can’t help but smile. I’m going to miss Lifestylesand the interactions with readers.

It was nearly 29 years ago that I started work here at thenewspaper in production, which is now the graphics department. Thetechnologies have changed and advanced, and some tasks have gottenmuch easier. Some are just different.

In the beginning, graphics was cut and paste. We produced longpieces of paper with news copy on them and we literally cut thecolumns out and ran them through a waxer and pasted them down ongrid sheets. That’s how each page of the newspaper was created. Noweverything is purely computerized, not a pair of scissors insight!

I feel I’ve come full circle in a job that was supposed to bejust temporary for me.

I’m also going to miss working side-by-side with all of thepeople from the newsroom, even though I’m just moving a few feetaway. The nosey side of me is going to miss all the juicy tidbitsof information that the reporters would come back and share eachday.

Looking ahead, I’m looking forward to getting to know myco-workers in graphics much better and honing a craft that has gonea bit stale.

When you work at a newspaper you either love it or you hate it.I happen to love it or as the old saying goes “I’ve got ink in myblood.”

Working at a newspaper can be stressful, which is why some folkshate it. There are daily deadlines that must be met and loads ofpeople who are counting on us to get their news each day. It’s ahuge responsibility, but one I’ll gladly undertake.

There are a great group of folks working for your localnewspaper and besides work associates we’re more like a big family.There are several names that are in the public eye but there aremany more who are never seen. They are all dedicated to bringingyou the very best news possible.

I’m also sad to see the departing graphics manager and my oldfriend, Jimmie Cain leave The DAILY LEADER. Jimmie and I wereclassmates and friends long before either of us came to work hereat the newspaper. I was also the person Jimmie was paired with totrain back in the early 1980s. I think it was just fitting that nowshe would be the one doing the training of me to take over her job.I hope I can do her proud.

I wish Jimmie the best of luck in her new endeavors, and I’msincerely going to miss her smiling face around the office.

So I’m saying goodbye to the newsroom and hello to graphics.

And if you’re wondering, I’ll still continue to write a columnoccasionally, just not on a weekly basis.

Because of this column, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new people.Thank you for reading. I appreciate all your support and love.

Remember, I’m not gone. I’m still here and I’ll see yousoon.

And how was your week?