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Help sought after home lost in fire

When people write out their Christmas lists each holiday season,they hope Santa Claus brings them all the things they want.

It is rare that people ask Santa for things they need. But after arecent tragedy – necessities are exactly what Sebrina Jones ishoping for.

Working the graveyard shift at Kings Daughter’s Medical Center,Jones was unaware that her house on Highway 48 East in Magnoliaburned down early Sunday morning due to unknown causes.

In fact, Jones would not learn her life had been flipped upsidedown until she picked up her four kids from her mother’s house inTylertown.

“I thought I was dreaming,” said Jones. “My boys pretty much cried,my daughter cried some.”

Jones said that her family lost most of their belongings and one ofthe two vehicles.

“My main concern is not me, and I’m pretty sure (my husband’s) notconcerned about himself either,” said Jones. “It’s keeping mychildren happy and keeping them focused.”

Jones considers herself lucky to have not gone Christmas shoppingyet, which losing her children’s gifts would have only added to thedevastation.

However, gifts are not Jones’ main concern. She is trying to gathereveryday items so her family can get back on their feet.

In the season of giving, Jones’ co-workers at the KDMC lab aredetermined to make sure Jones gets a little help as she has seenfit to help others.

“She is such a giving person. She is always willing to do for otherpeople,” said Libbie Hennington, one of Jones’ co-workers. “Thiswhole season she has been making sure other people’s kids haveenough.”

Once the lab technicians found out about the fire, they begancollecting donations to help out the family of six.

“Like everything else, you kind of hear it but once it hits home,”said Hennington. “We’re all kind of like one big family.”

Hennington added that those willing to help out the Jones familycould do so by donating common items, school uniforms, scrubs,shoes or even money. Jones said her three boys wear pant sizes 38,34 and 18. She said her daughter wears a size eight. She alsomentioned their shirt sizes vary from small to extra large.

Hennington said donations would be greatly appreciated and can bedropped off at the lab, which is located in the back of thehospital, and given to herself or Emma Coleman.

Jones said her primary focus is keeping the kids happy, which wouldultimately keep her happy. She, who is currently staying with herparents, also mentioned that the American Red Cross is helping herlook for a new place to live.

“I couldn’t think of anything I really, really need right nowexcept a place to stay,” said Jones. “I like my mom and dad – Ilove them to death, but I don’t know how long I could stay withthem.”