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Union Church News

Happy New Year to those who are reading this column.

Union Church is busy these days bringing in plants and making sure water is not going to freeze. At least that was my goal before I left to spend Christmas in the Mississippi Delta with Susan and her family.

While there we saw some snow on Christmas Day. The levee behind the Gibson house sparkled with white for a while and then the temperatures rose and the snow melted. However, traveling to Rosedale, I saw so many Canadian geese, the barren fields looked like snow. They are such beautiful creatures!

Christmas in the Delta is like no other anywhere. I enjoyed it all but especially the Christmas Eve Communion with Methodists. Playing the piano while the Pearson-Coleman family came to the altar to take Communion was a joy.

While Susan and Jody went back to work Rachael and I had our one-on-one time together. That was another precious memory. Becky was my chauffeur to Jackson and home and that is another blessing I have. I know all of you have Christmas memories. Call and share them so we can all enjoy them.

On Dec. 17, the Builders Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, enjoyed a Christmas party after their scheduled meeting at the lovely home of Web and Virgene Allmon. Delicious food, beautifully decorated home and wonderful hospitality made for a night of memories. Thank you Allmons for inviting us to your home.

Our love and prayers are with the Andy Douglas family in the loss of Andy’s father last week. Other prayers are for Tom Terrien, Pam McKeithen and Donna Smith and Matt Greer as they are dealing with health issues at present.

Worshipping with the Union Church Baptist family last Sunday were Eddie and Becky’s daughters: Tiffany Bass family and Heather White family, Danny McKinney and children, Nannette and Mike Lusk, Doylene Cupit’s family: Shannon Porter family, Kyle Cupit family and Nathan Cupit family. It is always good to have our children come home and worship with us.

Last Sunday was the birthday of Bertha Varnado and Margaret Greer. It is also the 105th birthday of my sweet mother in heaven. Bertha reported her children and grandchildren took her out to lunch and we all enjoyed the beautiful flowers in the sanctuary to honor Bertha. Special ladies have a special Dec. 30 birthday. Congratulations.

Our pastor has a way of saying just what we need to hear. His timely sermon last week was about setting goals for 2013. He challenged us to write down our dreams for the new year with the admonition to set short term goals but keep the long term goal in mind. His text was from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 and motivated us to run to win.

Antoine Saint-Exupery cites: One man may hit the mark, another blunder, but heed not these distinctions. Only from the alliance of the one, working with and through the other, are great things born.

Have a happy week and a happy 2013 working together.

If you have any Union Church area news to report, contact Erlene Hudson at 601-786-3079 or email ehudsonb@aol.com.