The non-geek’s guide to buying geek gifts: 3 of 4

Published 10:40 am Friday, December 12, 2014

Science Fiction / Fantasy: (adjective) 1: describing two types of entertainment genre with similar stories and characters set in different time periods or degrees of technology. 2: The geek’s version of the Mason-Dixon Line.

I must stress one point in particular: there are few fandoms more dedicated to their genre than sci-fi/fantasy geeks. Whether it’s “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”, “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter,” fewer arguments can wreck a convention center faster than “Our genre is better than yours!” Especially if it’s spoken in Klingon or Quenya (Google it.)


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Do not for an instant believe that just because it has pointed ears, your elf adoring loved one will want it. Most geeks publicly display their collections of geek bounty in their room via figures on shelves or posters. Take pictures of some of these and look them up on-line. Comic book stores and stores like FYE are great places to look and ask questions.

2. Replicas and autographs:

If you understand how to spell your geek’s current fandom, and you want to blow their minds, look on-line, or at a collector’s store, for official movie replica props or autographs. These are geek gold. Nothing makes a geek smile brighter than an official Star Wars replica light saber (WARNING! Color matters.) or an autographed photo of Daniel Radcliffe for your Potterhead (I got one. I swooned.)

3. For the tabletop gamer, ask their friends:

Your gift target got a thing for Space Marines or Bane Thralls? More than likely they are building an army of miniatures for some table top miniature game, and also more than likely, they play these games with a group of like-minded piers (cause it’s pretty hard and sad to play by yourself.) They will have already spoken about what your geek wants, and will probably have some good info on what you should buy. Websites like carry almost everything you’ll need. But if you can’t stand their friends, Miniature Market has gift cards.

Next week: what to buy for the geek of many colors.

Class dismissed.