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County pursues infrastructure grant

Three roads in Industrial Park No. One that are in desperate need of repair may get that facelift if a grant comes through to pay for it.

The Board of Supervisors discussed a grant opportunity that would provide the county with the funding during Monday’s board meeting.

Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce executive director Garrick Combs told the board that he and county engineer Ryan Holmes have diligently worked on a Delta Regional Authority grant application. Holmes received permission from the board to begin the process last month.

Garrick Combs

Garrick Combs

“Ryan and I are finished with that application,” Combs said. “We worked through it during a good bit of the month of May for transportation infrastructure. We’ve had a growing issue in industrial park No. One for several years — meaning specifically Manufacturers Boulevard east and west and Fender Trail.”

The grant application will target those three roads due to the amount of traffic they experience every day, Combs said. More than 1,500 direct jobs are serviced by those roads each day, along with 340 commercial truck loads a day.

“We’ve had discussions about the deterioration of those three roads and it’s something that I think this board has targeted over multiple years with MDOT and trips to our congressional delegation,” Combs said. “We’ve had an opportunity to put this application together in order to receive assistance for the community to try to make upgrades to those three roads, and to support that many jobs and those many commercial trucks a day.”

The job will consist of 2.62 miles of road and Holmes estimates it will cost approximately $2.75 million, Combs said.

“Currently, the condition of the asphalt is what (Ryan) termed as failed. Several times a month, I get phone calls and emails from one of those seven companies that are serviced by those roads asking for a particular pothole or a particular issue to be corrected,” Combs said. “This opportunity has presented itself through multiple years of trying to find assistance.”

After the Delta Regional Authority examines the grant application, it will determine how much assistance in can provide Lincoln County, Combs said. The board will then have to reassess how much money it can provide to cover the difference, he said.

Combs did not indicate how long it would take the Delta Regional Authority to make a decision.

The board encouraged Combs and Holmes to submit the application after the grant application update.

Dangerous dog ordinance

A concerned citizen approached the board during Monday’s meeting requesting that the board pass a leash law or a dangerous dog ordinance.

The woman sited several incidents where her animals have been attacked and property destroyed because of dangerous dogs in her neighborhood.

The board and county attorney Bob Allen took the opportunity to reiterate that it had passed a dangerous dog ordinance last year.

“We’ve got a dangerous animal ordinance in affect right now for dangerous animals,” Allen said.

Allen took the woman’s information and promised to contact her about the steps she needed to take in order to file charges against the dog owners under the ordinance.

When the ordinance was previously discussed in 2014, the board clarified that the law does not target pit bulls or other breeds, but instead offers a hearing process to determine if the dog is dangerous. Allen said once a dog is declared dangerous, the owners must provide a pen to restrain the dog that ensures the dog cannot escape. If out of the pen, the dog must be muzzled. If the dog has a second incident, the owners will be required to be present at a second hearing, where a determination can be made about euthanizing, Allen said.

In other board business:

•Combs informed the board that the Brookhaven Board of Aldermen approved the purchase of the Linbrook Business Park water and sewer system from the Brookhaven-Lincoln County Economic Development Alliance.

•The Lincoln Civic Center commission presented the board with its quarterly review and gave an update on the financial status on all of the center’s entities.