Brookhaven Academy inks deal with Adidas

Published 10:49 am Thursday, June 16, 2016

The brand Adidas is synonymous with a lot of big name athletes and universities. Kobe Bryant, Aaron Rodgers, the University of Kansas and Texas A&M are a few that may come to mind.

In Mississippi, their famous logo of three parallel bars is something one sees frequently across the college campus of MSU in Starkville.

Whether it is on one of any of the Bulldogs’ jerseys or on some article of clothing purchased by a student or fan, Adidas has certainly made its presence felt on the campus and in the state through this medium.

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Now the company is expanding its reach to areas that had been previously untouched.
Last week, Brookhaven Academy signed a five-year marketing contract with Adidas. The deal will provide uniforms and apparel for all 12 of the academy’s athletic programs at a discounted price.
Newly-hired football coach Ron Rushing served as the connection between Adidas and Brookhaven Academy in the deal.

The deal was originally something he had in the works at his former coaching job at Cathedral Academy in Natchez, but Rushing said once he brought the idea to the coaches at the academy, everyone was on board.

“This deal not only benefits our school financially but it gives us a brand,” Rushing said.
“I think this is a great deal and a great opportunity for Brookhaven Academy.”

Rushing explained the benefits of signing a deal with Adidas as opposed to doing business with other big-name brands.

“With those type of deals, the companies usually don’t sell you the same apparel you see the colleges wearing,” he said. “With Adidas we will be wearing uniforms like you see Mississippi State wearing on Saturday.”
Rushing may have been the go-between in the deal and contract talks with Adidas, but other school officials acknowledged what a contract like this means for  Brookhaven Academy.

Director of Development Brian Emory explained the academy’s previous situation with Nike, where the school did not have a deal with the company  and purchased uniforms and other apparel for the original price.

“It’s  a new thing for us,” he said.  “ The kids are excited and in a way it’s  kind of helping us recruit our own athletes.”

Emory said that since Brookhaven Academy does not receive state funding, the parents are required to buy the uniforms for their athletes.
But, the agreement with Adidas will make the required uniforms less expensive. As the father of an athlete at Brookhaven Academy, Emory understands how this contract stands to benefit not only athletes but also the parents.

Unfortunately, Cougar fans will not be able to see the majority of their teams suit up in the new gear until next year.
However, there are a few teams that will be able to don the new uniforms immediately. One example is the Brookhaven Academy softball team.

Softball coach Becky Flowers said she will be one of the first to order apparel under the new deal.

“Anytime you have an athletic director (Ron Rushing)  come in and take the lead and provide for our athletes it is a great thing,” Flowers said.
Beyond uniforms though, Flowers said the Adidas deal will help provide camaraderie at Brookhaven Academy.

“At Brookhaven Academy,  we want a unified front,” she  said. “We want to be on the same page and I think this new deal will help with that. It’s great for all our sports.”