Rescue from a Cracker Barrel chair

Published 8:36 pm Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last evening we were having a lovely time at a Cracker Barrel in Brookhaven, one of my favorite places to dine at.

Over to our right at a nearby table sat grandparents and three small school-aged grandchildren, a little boy and two girls, both about 8 years old.

As we were all awaiting our food, we noticed that one of the girls was in a panic as she somehow had snared her right elbow between the slates of the back of her chair.

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I watched as the grandfather began to try and dislodge the child’s arm, but to no avail.

Little Rorie (Aurora) began to cry softly as it became apparent she was in a fix, not to mention being embarrassed over the whole affair as the dining room was packed with customers.

The server came as well as the floor manager and all three adults worked feverishly to free the child.

My wife is a very intelligent and wise person and as we sat and prayed for the little girl in distress to be freed, Flor spoke up and said, “They should use the oil. Go tell them to use oil.”

So, I jumped to my feet and went over to the adults trying desperately to help Rorie and told them to get some oil and that should suffice.

The manager went immediately and brought a small flask of olive oil like people use for salads and began to pour it on and rub it in and around her elbow that was stuck.

She applied the olive oil, and we applied the name of Jesus.

After a minute or two, wonder of wonders, the elbow slipped through the slats, and thank God she was free at last.

The tears of pain and distress were turned into tears of joy as little Rorie rubbed her freed elbow, and the adults all looked over at us and thumbs up me with smiles of relief.

We got acquainted with them before departing, but this morning as I lay in bed before rising to pray, this all came to me that what I witnessed last night is the cure all for every person ensnared by the cares of this world and the menace of Satan.

The oil of love, especially God’s love can and will free every ensnared soul from whatever.

Back during the week I was jolted by a relative driving up unexpected.

They had come a long distance to be freed from a near two-year ensnarement.

I had reached out to them many times through prayer and even sent word by another relative that I longed to be close again.

After a meal together and old time forgiveness issued by both of us, we embraced and now both of us are freed from our slates of malice and hatred by the oil of love.

Look, I am too old to be bothered by anything or anybody by not forgiving and letting go.

Our Lord, when asked what he required of man, said it was not 10,000 gallons of oil or the death of our firstborn but simply do justly, love mercy and walk humbly. (Micah 6:8)

The oil of love will free more imprisoned spirits than all the weapons accumulated on earth put together.

As I lay there this early morn by my little bride she sensed I too was awake and came and nestled over in my arms as she had been cold and awakened by it.

I held her close and in a few moments the ‘oil of my love’ worked its magic. Soon she was snoring her small little snore, and I let her do so for the better part of an hour before rising for prayer.

Again, what came to me is a lot of marital distress could be escaped and the ensnared parties freed to enjoy each other if only they would use a little oil.

Oil of one’s spirit and true love.

There was once a catchy ad for a hair tonic for dry hair called Brylcreem that said, “A little dab’ll do ya.”

We men are attracted by visual, you ladies by touch and sometimes men, our ladies just need to be held.

I know for most men that is a hard matter to accomplish, but it is the truth.

We all are guilty of trying to buy our way through life when all most people want and need is some oil of love.

Like the little 8-year-old who was freed last night by the wise suggestion of my wise wife, a little oil can and will make all the difference.

I’m for putting all the divorce lawyers out of business by this little application of love.

God bless you and God bless America.

Mike Dykes is a pastor and story teller. He can be reached at