2017 resolutions: ‘Have a better year than last year’

Published 8:35 am Sunday, January 1, 2017

New year. New calendar. New resolutions to break.

Those dreaded New Year’s resolutions either make us better human beings, or they lie shattered and broken for the next 364 days until it’s time to make them again.

So, did you start today with a set of goals for 2017?

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Several residents we talked to did and were happy to share them.

Better organization, happiness, good health and financial security are some of the goals they have for the new year.

Otis Smith, 19, of Wesson: “I want to be happy and enjoy life while being more focused on my goals.”

Valerie Sterling, 49, of Brookhaven:

“I will not have resolutions because I think that people who set resolutions do not keep them. I’ve decided to have small goals that I can accomplish from week to week or from month to month.

“One of my goals is to start taking better care of myself. I’ve always taken care of others and now I want to take care of me.”

Dusty White, 62, of Brookhaven: “My New Year’s goal would be to take down all my Christmas decorations in a timely matter and get them put away.

“The other would be to clean my yard up because it is a mess. I work here at Fashion Jewelry and our goal here is to have a better year than last year while getting to see the wonderful people that I get to see everyday.”

Danita Hobbs, 54, of Brookhaven:

“I get very excited about the new year,  just as I do about a new week or even a new day. It’s the fresh opportunity to bless or be blessed. I am passionate about my faith, family, friends and community.  I feel fortunate to have the opportunity each day to be involved with all.”

Briana Errington, 20, of Brookhaven:

“I just want to be a better me. I feel like every year you can work on yourself and just be better.”

Emily Ashley, 20, of Brookhaven:

“I want to work better with school and strive to get better grades. Even though they are already good, I want them to be the best they can be.”

Leanna Ashley, 20, of Brookhaven:

“I’m 20 years old and since I’m out of work I would like to manage my money a little bit better and I would also like to start going to the gym.”

Erin Rushing, 18, of Brookhaven:

“My goal is to be a nicer person to other people and to just make them happy.”

Gregniquia Byrd, 23, of Brookhaven:

“My goal for 2017 is to finish nursing school at Southwest Mississippi Community College. I plan to do Hurst Review to help with passing boards. After passing boards, I plan to start working in the nursing field.”

Andrea Balkom, 37, of Brookhaven:

“I want to continue to grow in Christ, standing firm in knowing who I am according to scripture., and to be better because of my walk here on Earth.”