New county map book to help first responders

Published 8:52 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2017

First responders, 911 dispatchers and county workers can now be on the same page, and the same map.

David Rankin, a GIS consultant, presented a new map with more information to Lincoln County supervisors this week. The map book is the same size as the older version, but has been expanded to 103 pages. That is a significant increase from the previous one, and has more details included. It has not been printed, but will be in color and copies will be available for all the supervisors.

The map book includes the supervisors’ boundary lines, bridge numbers and house numbers available for first responders, 911 dispatchers and county workers who will need it on a daily basis. Bridges have numbers that correspond with all the street addresses, and they have included the street addresses of vacant houses in the map as well.

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The map will also be updated with new information such as bridge closures or addresses of newly built homes. “The supervisors or I can update the map with that information and give it to the post office ahead of time so they can change their route if they needed to,” county engineer Ryan Holmes said.

At the back of the book, there’s an index including the road name, map number, section, road name and each supervisors’ district.

Along with the new map book, Rankin also introduced the supervisors to a digital map that’s accessible on any phone or tablet for additional information. This tool also allows people to input addresses and find out more information on the particular area they’re in by searching by street name, house address, or landowner.

To use the digital map, individuals will have to download the free app to their mobile device or tablet.

Rankin said that both devices could be updated as needed.