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Take time to look up

It’s a road trip, early morning, sitting on my side of a Hampton Inn bed. Othel has taken his satchel of devotionals and Bible downstairs to sit in a corner chair for his meditation time.

I like the silence, always have. The curtains are drawn on our fourth floor view, and I see the sun rise. Enough clouds are scattered on God’s immense canvas that He paints a one-of-a-kind “skyscape” for those eyes that will take time to take in its beauty. That’s my wonderful opportunity this morning.

Trees are favorites of mine. I love all kinds and shapes. We have giant ones in our backyard that share their beauty with us everyday, but their only negative is their selfishness with the sun and the horizon. They reach in all directions toward the light and block our view of the sunrises and sunsets.

That’s why this morning is so special — a gift of a sunrise on a broad expanse of God’s sky.

I read in John about the Good Shepherd and how His sheep know His voice and follow Him. The words move my spirit and turn me to worship. Then I pause and look through the giant window with the heavens unfolded – just for me it seems. Without a sound or musical note, God displays His power and majesty. I wonder who else is seeing this panorama of artistry.

   Sometimes it’s the view that blocks it. Sometimes we don’t take time to look up and take in the beauty. Sometimes tears cloud our vision. Sometimes our eyes are so fixed on the mammon of the world that we are blinded to the beauty God offers us each day.

There have been times, many, I’m ashamed to say, that I’ve missed the view that God has given me. But this morning I’ve taken it all in – from beginning dusk to the majestic ball of fire that rose from the horizon – to the painting with pastels among the clouds. It’s been a worship service for me – propped up on my side of the bed with my Bible in my lap, my eyes on the beauty beyond our fourth floor window and a flood of gratitude for my Good Shepherd in sharing His creation with one who, this morning, sees with eyes and heart. All praise to the Creator and Good Shepherd!

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