Salter missed mark on McDaniel, Hyde-Smith

Published 7:45 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2018

As it pertains to Sid Salter’s latest hit piece about campaign finances in the special election for United States Senate, it appears once again that Mr. Salter has missed the mark.

Salter compares Chris McDaniel’s current money raised in 2018 to his total money raised in 2014. In what universe is that a fair comparison? Between Chris McDaniel’s campaign and the Super PAC supporting him, the fundraising is right on track with where it was in 2014. Contrastly, Cindy Hyde-Smith is several million behind where Senator Thad Cochran was in 2014.

So who’s really lagging behind when it comes to fundraising?

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Truth be told, no amount of money that Cindy Hyde-Smith could ever raise would be enough to convince Mississippi that she’s a conservative.

On top of that, at this point in 2014, McDaniel had a county chair in less than half of the state and about 800 volunteers. This year, he had 82 county chairs named within a week of announcing and has over 5,000 volunteers signed up. Money can’t buy that.

On top of that, in 2014, McDaniel was running against the chairman of the Senate Appropriations committee; arguably the most powerful man in all of Congress. Now? He’s running against a lifelong Democrat.

Needless to say, McDaniel is the clear-cut strongest candidate in this race.

And as for you, Mr. Salter, you are a state employee. And you happen to work for my alma mater. The fact that you’re able to publish something that’s in such direct contrast with the views of so many that you serve in your position with Mississippi State is a travesty. Mississippi State deserves better.

Wayne Lagrone


Lauderdale County Tea Party