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This is home for me — and there’s no place like it

I’ve never had a problem adjusting to new places — new houses, schools, job locations, towns or a different end of the living room couch.

I’ve lived in every region of Mississippi except the Gulf Coast and the Delta. I’ve lived in Northwest, Central and Southern Louisiana. I remember 20 locations I’ve lived in those areas and their cities and towns, and there are things I’ve loved and appreciated about each place.

But there’s something I’ve noticed about where I live now. Whenever someone asks me where I live, for the past five years I’ve answered something like, “Right here in Brookhaven.”

It happened to me this morning at a doctor visit. A technician asked me where I was from and I answered, “Brookhaven. I live here in town.”

And I did something I have found myself doing for those full five years after giving that answer — I smiled.

I’m happy to say this is my home.

When people ask where I’m originally from, my answer depends on who’s asking, in what context and why. But my answer is usually that my family has been from the town of Chunky, in Newton County, for more than 35 years. Before that, we were in and around Corinth, just shy of the Tennessee line.

I’ve never been ashamed of the town or city where I’ve lived, whether it was the Crescent City of New Orleans, the Hub City of Hattiesburg, the Crossroads City of Corinth or the spot in East Mississippi with the funky name of Chunky.

But when we moved here to Brookhaven, I felt like we had landed in our final earthly destination. This is where we plan to spend the rest of our lives, right here in the Brookhaven-Lincoln County area.

We love what the area has to offer. We love our church, Southway Baptist, the interaction with people in shops and restaurants, but — most of all — we love our friends and the people we’ve adopted as family.

I used to wonder occasionally where I’d live next — would I move to Florida, the mountains of Tennessee or North Carolina, a drier clime in the West, or maybe “escape” to Mexico or Scotland?

Now I just want to visit those places, some again and some for the first time. But this is home.

And there’s no place like it.

Brett Campbell can be reached at brett.campbell@dailyleader.com.