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We have adapted, adjusted and overcome in 2020

One thing that I’ve noticed lately is how much our society is ready to leave 2020 behind. On television and social media, people are shouting how ready they are to leave 2020 behind and how they can’t wait for 2021.

Here’s the thing though, our problems won’t magically go away when the clock strikes midnight. While we can be excited about the New Year, I feel like we should still reflect despite the hard times we’ve had in 2020.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to learn how to grow and adapt in an ever-changing society. Personally, I’ve given myself a gold star just for that. The fact that I’ve gone to work everyday and done my best in a pandemic is an accomplishment.

For anyone who has continued on with their normal routine during this time, I salute you. You’re fighting the good fight in the best way you know how, by going forward.

With the shutdown that came in the spring, it was like a punch in the gut for so many of us. But think about this, what did you do during that time? Maybe you learned a new skill or picked up a hobby. Or maybe you spent more time with your family. You might have even worked on your inner self in some way and became a better person. No matter what you did, any sort of growth made during that time is worth celebrating.

During the pandemic, events were rescheduled and postponed. For me, it was my graduation commencement from college. I graduated virtually in the spring, but it just wasn’t the same as walking the stage in Humphrey Coliseum.

Once things settled and everyone knew to socially distance and wear masks, Mississippi State University scheduled a commencement ceremony for Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving. I was indeed thankful for it.

During the ceremony, President Mark Keenum gave a recorded speech from his home due to having been exposed to the virus. One thing he said was impeccable and has stood out to me since that day.

“You adapted, you adjusted and you overcame so many obstacles. You’ve done it!”

As a society, we’ve adapted, adjusted and overcame what the pandemic has thrown at us so far. I know I have personally.

I graduated college, started my career and started my business … all during a pandemic. I’ve learned new things and traveled to new places … during a pandemic. I’ve spent more time with the people I care about … during a pandemic.

I hope those words can serve as a reminder to you. Write them on a sticky note. Put it on your mirror, on your fridge or even in your car. Put it where you’ll see it everyday.

Because you deserve to remember that you have adapted, adjusted and overcome … during a pandemic.

Don’t forget to give yourself a gold star.

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Gracie Byrne is a news reporter for The Daily Leader. She can be reached at gracie.byrne@dailyleader.com