Motorists cautioned to take precautions, or stay home

Published 5:00 pm Sunday, February 14, 2021

Stay home if at all possible.
That’s the message from Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox and the Mississippi Highway Patrol.
“Street Department crews have been out already, salting and sanding the bridges on Industrial and Dale Trail,” Cox said.
Public Works Director Keith Lewis said his crews will be checking Monday morning on how things are looking, and address problem areas as necessary.
MHP advises being prepared if anyone must travel.
“Recently, Troopers happened upon a stranded motorist without fuel or a phone. If one finds him or herself in a similar situation over the next few days, the outcome could be deadly. Please avoid unnecessary travel and if you must travel, ensure you’re prepared for the unforeseen,” MHP Troop M Cpl. Craig James said.
“If you must travel as ice accumulates and weather conditions worsen, make sure you have a charged cell phone, a full tank of fuel and warm clothes. There are no guarantees first responders or wrecker services will be able to reach you in a timely fashion should you be involved in an accident,” said James.
The City of Brookhaven advises taking the following precautions.▪️Seal windows and doors.
▪️Insulate pipes and outside faucets.
▪️Leave a low drip going with your inside faucets.
▪️Open cabinet doors overnight to circulate air around inside pipes.
▪️Make plans to protect pets and plants.
▪️Turn off all outdoor sprinkler systems.
▪️Check on the elderly and disabled.
▪️Prepare for power outages.
▪️Keep you cell phone charged.
▪️Have non-perishable items and water.
▪️Ensure you have necessary medications.
▪️Fill vehicles with fuel.
▪️Have extra fuel on hand for generators.
▪️If you must travel, take blankets and a flashlight.

“Please stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency,” Cox said.

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