Jesus’ resurrection is history’s greatest moment

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, April 3, 2021

My faith is no secret. I am humbly grateful to be a Christ-follower.

Not everyone agrees or believes, though, and you may be one of those. A former coworker who I’ll call Aaron was an atheist and he and I had some interesting conversations. While not a believer in God or Jesus as the Son of God, he was very respectful of those who did believe.

He was also quick to acknowledge that even though he did not believe in a Creator — especially not one who loved His creation — there was no doubt that the man Jesus and his death changed the world forever.

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While I understand Aaron’s disbelief in the sense that he wants to be accurate and respectful, and is very sincere, I also believe he is sincerely wrong.

To grossly simplify the idea presented by 17th century mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, if we wager that God exists and we are wrong, we have lost nothing. If we wager that He exists and we are correct, we have won everything.

The inference here is also that if you wager God is not real and He is, you have lost everything.

I have many more reasons to believe than this, but that is not a wager I am willing to make.

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