Brookhaven elections: Three wards will have primary runoffs

Published 9:33 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Candidates in the City of Brookhaven’s Ward 1, Ward 3 and Ward 4 will all advance to runoffs on April 27.

The race for Ward 1 alderman in Brookhaven is undecided, even as primaries go.

With no Republican candidate in the ward, it has been a Democratic contest.

A candidate needs at least 50% of the vote to be the clear winner in the municipal primary, or two candidates need clear majorities over other candidates.

This race was between three of the four runners – James Magee Jr. had 112 votes (28.79%), Jason Dixon had 107 votes (27.51%) and Bobby J. Jackson had 103 votes (26.48%). Elisa Corley Jr. lagged behind with 66 votes, or 16.97%.

Magee will advance to the Primary Runoff Election on April 27. The question is who will advance with him – Dixon or Jackson. Because the vote count will need to be rechecked and certified, and time will be needed to receive any outstanding ballots – of which there are five – the final call on who will advance will likely not come before Tuesday of next week, said Lincoln County Circuit Clerk Dustin Bairfield.

Ward 3 will see a runoff between Democratic candidates Charles J. Caston Sr., who received 44.25% of the vote (181 votes) and Roy L. Smith, who got 33.25% of the total vote (136 votes).

Roosevelt Collins, Ashley Gayten and Robert L. Gibson Jr. are out of the race.

Ward 4 is a Republicans-only race with no Democratic contestant, and Barbara Nell Davis and Jeff Henning will advance to the runoffs. With 46.26% (272 votes) for Davis and 40.65% (239) for Henning, Hunter L. Posey is out of the race. Posey had 77 votes, or 13.1%.