Brookhaven-based ministry impacting Africa

Published 5:00 pm Monday, May 24, 2021

Rev. Dianne Dalton dreamed she was standing in Africa. She heard a voice she knew was “holy,” which simply said, “Feed My children.”
When she awoke, she knew God had given her a vision to help feed the hungry there, specifically in Nigeria. She’s now conducting her sixth fundraiser in four years to help provide funds for families to pay their bills and food to fill their bellies.
She has been working with Abubaka Mohbaba in Kogi State, Nigeria, to administer the funds and food.
“I feel so bad seeing those blind people out there with children without food to eat (and) no means of getting any,” Mohbaba said in a recent social media post. “If you can’t see or walk, how will you look for food?”
Each fundraiser has provided for the distribution of up to 100 packages of food, one per family, and money to the head of each household.
Dalton, a 27-year Brookhaven resident originally from Lucien, works through her Faith Missionary Ministry to provide, recruiting and receiving help from many people in and around Lincoln County.
Dalton has worked in sales, hospitality, and as a caregiver, both privately and in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as leading church congregations. She has seen lots of need everywhere she has been and her life’s motto is three-fold, based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 25: Feed the hungry; shelter the homeless; clothe the naked.
“I’ve tried to do that everywhere, and I have enjoyed my life,” she said.
The only way to know someone’s needs is to get to know them as best as you can, Dalton said.
“I feel better when I’m out amongst the people so I can see what their needs are,” she said.
Helping others is not rightly done for recognition, she said, noting that many of the giveaways and assistance her ministry provides are done anonymously. Anyone who wants to give to help provide food in Nigeria, or who would like more information, can message Dalton on Facebook.
“We would like to thank Rev. Dianne Dalton. Faith Missionary Ministry has come to the needs of the peoples of Africa,” Mohbaba wrote. “We are here in Kogi, Nigeria, to give them hope that someone cares about them.”