Interactive map shows average taxes owed, refunds paid

Published 10:00 am Thursday, June 10, 2021

An online interactive map reveals U.S. counties that receive the highest tax refunds and the ones that owe the most in taxes. Amounts range from $5,000-plus refunds to nearly $30,000 owed on average.

SmartAsset is a financial technology company recognized by Forbes as America’s Best Startup Employer in 2020 and named Top Financial Technology CEO of 2020 by The Financial Technology Report. The company’s findings are based on Internal Revenue Service findings.

Lincoln County is ranked 44th in the state’s 82 counties, with 10,540 taxpayers receiving refunds with an average amount of $3,169. Lincoln also has 2,530 taxpayers owing taxes, with an average of $3,588.

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Claiborne County is the number one county in Mississippi for average tax amount refunded per filer — $3,992 — and 2,780 taxpayers receiving refunds.

Madison County has the highest number of citizens owing taxes and the highest average — 12,520 owing an average of $6,984 each.

Of Lincoln County’s neighbors, Jefferson County is seventh on the list of highest refunds, with an average of $3,622 refunded for its 2,560 filers receiving refunds. Walthall and Pike counties are on the opposite end, however, with 860 Walthall citizens owing an average of $5,337 and 2,420 Pike Countians owing an average of $4,735.

In Copiah, Franklin, Lawrence and Amite counties, the average refund is $3,219-$3,249. The average tax owed ranges from $2,615 in Lawrence County to $3,902 in Amite County.

Any county across the United States can be checked on the interactive map. The county with the highest average refund nationwide is Teton County, Wyoming, with 8,350 taxpayers receiving an average of $5,380 in refunds. The county with the highest average owed in the U.S. is Martin County, Texas, with 490 people owing an average of $29,100 each in taxes.

Nationwide, more than 112.7 million taxpayers receive refunds, with a national average of $2,925. More than 32.1 million owe taxes with an average of $5,621 owed.

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