Police: Public fighting will not be tolerated

Published 12:19 pm Monday, October 18, 2021

Police officers “will not tolerate fighting,” according to Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins.

Collins made the statement in response to a fight that took place between two minors at the Brookhaven High School football game Friday, in which a police officer had to intervene.

“We have games at the schools and special events around town in Brookhaven. We will not tolerate fighting or disrespectful kids,” Collins said. “My officers will not stand by and allow people to fight. This day and time it is too dangerous. So we must and will intervene.”

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The chief asked parents to step up and help with potential problem situations.

“If you have kids or people that want to be disorderly, stay at home or keep them at home, or else come to these games and help us control your kids,” Collins said. “Every time something happens, people run to Facebook and post rather than addressing the real problem — Why are your kids fighting and disrespecting law enforcement, teachers and everyone else?”

The identities of persons involved in the Friday night altercation were not released because they are minors.