Citywide lighting plan stalls for lack of supplies

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, December 23, 2021

The replacement of street lights are at a standstill due to problems getting needed supplies.

That was the main item of concern presented to City of Brookhaven aldermen Tuesday by Dusty Shack of Entergy.

In what Shack called a “system-wide” problem, Entergy has been unable to obtain back-ordered LED supplies to update or replace lights in the city. While some lights are still sodium, the city has opted to move to LED lighting, which is cheaper long-term.

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“If I recall correctly, when we replaced a lot of the lights with LEDs years ago, they paid for themselves in 10 months with the amount of money the city saved,” Mayor Joe Cox said.

“Correct,” Shack said.

Shack said Entergy is putting together a plan to replace and/or install new LED lighting along Hwy. 51 from Country Club Road to Industrial Park Road.

“I don’t know if you’re going to want to do it, because the cost will be high,” he said. He will present the plan to the board once it is completed. In response to questions from several aldermen, Shack said his team would put together proposals for any areas they submit to Public Works Director Keith Lewis.

Shack said he was asked to talk about use of some of Entergy’s light poles for security camera access.

“My supervisor has looked at it, as have I. If the city wants to move forward, each individual location will be a required agreement,” Shack said. “Each individual pole with have its own required agreement, and each will have the cost of installation.”

The installation of necessary parts on selected poles will allow the municipality to use access to install a camera on that pole, Shack explained.

Police Chief Kenneth Collins believes cameras installed across the city will help reduce crime and will provide video records that may lead to solving crimes.

“I suggest a pilot program in one or two areas to see how it works,” Shack said.

The board will review the information and address it at a later meeting.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the hire of Canon Travis as a fire fighter at $28,646.50 annually, pending drug test and physical.

• Approved Board of Adjustments variance to allow for movement of a sign on Woodland Hill; a $250 fee will be paid for the variance to the Board of Adjustments or the Planning Commission.

• Approved grass cutting on two abandoned properties.

• Approved November salaried payrolls and transfer of funds to cover: general, $245,456.50; water/sewer, $9,744.18; and solid waste, $398.15.

• Received November Revenue and Expenditure Report form city clerk.

• Received November Privilege License Report showing revenue of $2,201.32.

• Received November Municipal Court Report showing revenue of $16,433.92 ($6,802.74 goes to the State).

• Approved claims dockets for $2,339,985.77.

• Received November Brookhaven Fire Department run report — 27 runs in the city and two runs outside city limits.

• Approved pay request No. 7 to Dickerson & Bowen in the amount of $23,781.17 for work on city-wide paving project; transfer funds from paving bond.

• Approved annual clothing allowance of $600 for Police Chief Kenneth Collins.

• Approved reappointment of Curtis Oliver to Board of Adjustments as Ward One representative for four years.

• Approved monthly rental rate of $400 plus cost of metered electricity for new Hangar K at the Brookhaven/Lincoln County Airport.

• Approved removal of BPD unit 15, a 2018 Ford Police Interceptor; total loss insurance claim.

• Approved pay request No. 1 and final to Greenbriar Digging Services in the amount of $48,650 for Jennifer Street water line replacement; revise water/sewer budget to include project.

• Approved to receive and award lower bid to Greenbriar in the amount of $11,100 for the Halbert Heights/Virginia Avenue sewer extension. One other bid was received, from Ross Jackson Plumbing for $12,500.

• Approved pay request No. 3 from Greenbriar in the amount of $25,080 for work completed on KDMC/City of Brookhaven Water Supply Well.

• Approved pay request No. 3 from Greenbriar in the amount of $343,317.84 for stored materials and work completed on the West Meadowbrook sewer improvements project; transfer funds from water/sewer reserve to cover.

• Approved pay request No. 5 from Dickerson & Bowen in the amount of $65,147.47 for work completed on Brookhaven Airport Rehab project.

• Approved to advertise for demolition and removal of dilapidated structures.

• Approved lowest bid for lawn maintenance at I-55 Exit 42 from LMD Management in the amount of $1,025 per cutting, in a one-year contract. Other bids received were from Lawn Tech Services at $1,044 and C&M Lawn Care at $1,500.

• Approved Det. Sgt. Latoya Beacham to attend CIP Class 2022-A on Jan. 17-20, 24-27; Feb. 14-17, 21-24; March 21-24, 28-31; April 18-21, 25-28; May 16-19, 23-25; reimbursement for meals only. Travel and lodging provided at no cost to the city.