No more portable buildings in Brookhaven — for now

Published 9:00 am Sunday, July 10, 2022

A moratorium on new portable buildings in the city was enacted Tuesday by the Board of Aldermen in order to review changes to the existing ordinance.

During this 90-day period, aldermen will review proposed changes to City of Brookhaven Ordinance 208, adding portable buildings to the existing law on manufactured buildings in commercial districts.

At present, manufactured buildings are prohibited in the Central Business District (C-2) and are allowed only under special provision in C-1 and C-3 zoned areas.

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A manufactured building is defined in the ordinance as “a structure built in a factory on a non-removable steel frame designed to be used with or without a foundation and is capable of being drawn by a motor vehicle on its own wheels.”

If the ordinance passes the board as proposed, the definition of portable building will be included as “a structure built in a factory and transported to the building site on truck beds and permanently affixed to a permanent brick or concrete block chain wall foundation.”

The ordinance now allows for manufactured buildings to be used for a business or office only “as a special exception after review by the Board of Adjustments with final approval by the City Board of Aldermen.” The proposed, updated ordinance would add, “No portable buildings can be used as a business or office inside the city limits.”

The proposed ordinance also adds portable buildings to restrictions on manufactured buildings, specifically that they are prohibited in the C-2 Central Business District, and cannot be located permanently on any existing parking lot or paved area, or placed closer to the right-of-way than the majority of existing structures in the vicinity.

Aldermen can suggest changes to the proposed update prior to taking a vote.