Per tradition, Brookhaven School Board denies transfers

Published 4:00 pm Saturday, July 30, 2022

The Brookhaven School District Board approved one student transfer and denied two others in its regular meeting Tuesday.

Parents or guardians submitted the requests to transfer their students to Lincoln County schools, because each parent works for one of the county schools.

The first request came from an “instructional employee” — someone with a teaching job. State law requires school districts allow transfers for any teacher who requests his or her child be allowed to attend the school where they are an instructor. The Board voted unanimously to approve the request.

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The other two requests came from parents or guardians who are non-instructional employees of the county school district. State law does not mandate these requests must be granted, and BSD policy allows the Board to make those decisions. Policy also says the student must live further than 30 miles from the city school, causing a possible hardship for the student.

“If we’re going to allow this, we need to be consistent and allow others,” said Board member Jason Childress.

“It’s a courtesy. If the child could be better served where they want to go, you could allow it,” said Board attorney Will Allen. “You want to be consistent. Tradition has been that the Board denies non-instructional transfers, but you can consider all relevant factors.”

To remain consistent with historically denying such transfers, the Board voted unanimously to deny these, as well.